Yield at Dakota Harvest Bakers, 2014

Yield at the Grand Forks Opera House, 2013


Yield at the Moscow Food Co-op, 2011

Yield was an installation at the Moscow Food Co-op in Moscow, ID during November 2011. The installation centered on a series of eight altered cookbook pages where I selectively obscured most of the text on the page and left behind only specific words or phrases. This subtractive exercise in language and poetry asks the viewer to pay attention to word choice in a new way. On either side of the cookbook pages are two large screenprinted text pieces. These two works, one printed on burlap and the other printed on a found grain bag, connote a multiplicity of meanings. "Yield" is simultaneously an output, a result, an agricultural quantity, a serving size found in recipes, a compliance, and a submission.

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Altered Cookbook Pages, 2011

An interest in the language of the kitchen led me to undertake this erasure project in the spring of 2011. My goal was to siphon through the recipes of outdated cookbooks and find moments of sensitive or suggestive text. By blacking out surrounding information, the reader is suddenly forced to focus on an unexpected storyline. Other aspects of this project involved stitching and sewing into the paper as a means to integrate my own text into the cookbook script.

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