The Lower Forty-Eight, 2017

A continuation of the previous year's set of sketchbook drawings, these full-size pen drawings showcase my reactions and distractions in a post-2016 America. Organic forms such as leaves, vines, and muscle tissue blend with the topographical lines of maps and nautical charts. Within these dense furrows of directional information, I have hidden an array of miniscule imagery. These icons form a new mapmaker's lexicon that is sometimes political critique and sometimes poetic nonsense. Three-dimesional block letters, themselves reminiscent of benign children's blocks or refrigerator magnets, spell out cryptic yet serious content. These works were completed while on residency at the Vermont Studio Center in February 2017.

The Lower Forty-Eight, Sketchbook Series, 2016-2017

The following sketchbook project originally stemmed from unstructured drawings of houseplants during a long and dark winter. By chance, one early drawing reminded me of the shape of the continguous United States, and soon dense leaves and stalks took the form of rivers, roads, and borders. Since that point, I've been dedicating each page of a new sketchbook to a reimagined iteration of America, mixing an array of elements that are both natural and synthetic, nourishing and deadly. The project will continue until the book has been filled.

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