Finland Shift, 2014 (Installed at the Third Street Gallery, Grand Forks, ND)

Finland Shift, 2013 (Installed at Haihatus, Joutsa, Finland)

This drawing installation project was undertaken while I was a resident artist at Haihatus Art Center in Joutsa, Finland. The sprawling map of words, pieced together tile by tile, is similar to the networks of text I have used in other recent projects. This time, however, the text also reflects my attempts to live and work surrounded by Finnish, a complex language with a fascinating set of rules and patterns. During my month in Joutsa, I made sketches and diagrams of the environment, wildlife, and architecture, and some of these drawings became part of the installation. I became particularly fascinated by the woods that surrounded Joutsa in every direction, and as such the forest became a recurring theme within both the text and the imagery.