Comfort Shift, 2012

Comfort Shift is a series of works on paper that document networks of visual and verbal data. These detailed images, which are layered combinations of screenprint, graphite, pen, and colored pencil, mirror complex and muddled overlaps of knowledge, meaning, and identity. As social beings, we yearn for interaction and connection. Emulating these sites of connectivity, the drawings in this series incorporate structured lists of text that behave as maps and other displays of quantitative information. These series of points, whereby words and phrases snap into and out of place, form a trajectory for the viewer. Figures placed beside and within these networks of text refer to the way we acquire behaviors, social roles, and gender norms just as we acquire the building blocks of language.

The Comfort Shift drawings, along with a series of collaborative artist books, were installed in the Washington State University Museum of Art as part of the 2012 MFA Thesis Exhibition.

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