Eight Pieces of Paper for 2018, 2018

Eight Gifts for 2016, 2016

Eight Gifts for 2016, 2016

Cartography Lessons, 2013–2014

This forty-page artist book was assembled while I was an artist-in-residence at Art Center Haihatus in Joutsa, Finland in May of 2013. Two regional Finnish maps were dissected to create the book's pages. The forty portraits were completed slowly over the course of several months, and the book saw its completion during my residency in New York Mills, MN in early 2014.

Collaborative Artist Books, 2011–2013

I began experimenting with artist books while at a residency in Palouse, WA. Since that time, these books have become a means for me to collaborate with other artists, writers, and friends. Most of these projects began with an organized list of words co-written with my collaborator. These words become the head word for each page. Most of the communication for these projects takes place via the internet. In the end, however, the book becomes a physical object and a trace of shared language. The artist book is intimate in a way that defies our reliance on internet communication.

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Letterpress Artist Books, 2011

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